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40 million laptops annually in Chongqing and the planned production capacity is likely to reach 80 million units. Similarly, Intel moved its manufacturing and testing plants from Shanghai to Chengdu last year. The ▓government has designated a city cluster in the Wanjiang River Urban Belt of Anhui province to ac▓cept new industrial transfers. Equipment▓ manufacturi

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agriculture have been underlined as six pillar industries. The eastern areas will gradually transfer its labor-intensive manufacturing industries to inland areas thus freeing space to develop high-end industries and services, said analysts. Industrial transfer▓ won't cause a vacuum in the economy for eastern cities such as Shenzhen because the empty areas will be quickly filled with other hot investment businesses such as the financial industry.  Milan Fashio▓n Week is continuing with more designer labels settin▓g out their trends for Spring and Summer 2010. Let's find out. Byblos went sci-fi in Milan. On ▓the catwalk this combination was demonstrated in the body-hugging natural patterns of silk dresses ▓and the rigid structures of coats, complete with ro▓unded shoulders. Armour-like layered pane

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nuel Facchini explains that the inspiration comes from a mut▓ation between a Jurassic kind of human being and something very contemporary like a cyborg. On another ca▓twalk, Dolce and Gabbana, the now grown-up enfants-terribles of sizzling fashion, have cooled down their look for next winter, presenting a young w▓oman whose primary concern is to be well-dressed. In Mi▓lan they presented a collection dedicated to the Sicilian "signora" where workmanship makes the differe▓nce. Using a little black jacket as a starting point▓, the duo unraveled a passionate collection of p▓erfectly tailored suits and coats, elegant silk negligee▓ dresses and demure velvet evening gowns. &n▓bsp;Anyone for Da Vinci's Mona Lisa composed of Chinese cabbage, kelp, celery, tofu, pepper and potatoes? Or a last Supper, lovingly prepared with ginger, radish, tomato, mushrooms, bean curd, seaweed a▓nd rape? A Chinese artist is taking the sensual side of food to its ultimate extreme, by rec▓reating Western masterpieces out